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This a shout out to all you travel and sports enthusiasts out there. It’s not only about discovering new places, new people, new stuff – It can also be about going around discovering new cultures, venues, making new friends and much more.

Hi – My name is Scott and for the last 10 years myself and a few good friends have combined our love for travel with our passion for sports and made treks, journeys and discoveries. From the confines of a Euro football game nestled within the city to Augusta National alongside the famous greenery– it’s a wonder why we didn’t think of this earlier on.

And what I love more than sports and travel is sharing my experiences with everyone, encouraging people to follow in my lead and have an outright good time! We abide by one simple policy, experiences make better memories than materials.

It’s what it is all about after all, you not only get to travel all around but with a tad bit of planning you get to experience what life can be like out there in the open. To me it’s all about the discovery, the excitement, and the uniqueness of the location mixed with all flavors of your favorite pastime.

Once you get the hang of it, you live for it, wait for it and plan even bigger! Thanks for visiting our website today, we’ve detailed our experiences for all to read, enjoy, and if possible take something away from for their own enjoyment and of course for building their own experiences as well in the future!

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