lucha libreGenerally speaking we associate sports with events that have clear winners, losers and an unknown of who that will be. In a recent outing to Mexico’s cultural experience of Lucha Libre we decided that may not always be the case.

Lucha Libre, which loosely translates to ‘wrestling’, is a form of Mexican WWE. We attended a Friday night affair in the heart of Mexico City to see what exactly goes on at a wrestling event South of the Border. What we found is there is no clear winner, other than you if you go.

Arena Mexico is in the heart of CD (Cuidad de Mexico) and is located
off the pink line at Cuauht√©moc. Don’t speak Spanish? Get off at the Eagle stop. Fun fact, each of the train stations have a little thumbnail image to help you navigate the subway. So when you can’t pronounce Nezahualcoyotl you tell your friends to meet you at the pig that looks like he’s riding on roller skates.

For starters you’ll need a ticket. There are a lot of tour groups in the area that wNezahualcoyotlill set this up for you but feel free to bypass them. All you’re doing is paying a service fee for them to hold your hand.

There are 9 different tickets, best being ringside for $466MEX (roughly $23) down to a middle deck level at $209MEX (roughly $10). That’s right, you can sit ringside for less than parking at a Vegas valet.

tacos galore
Tacos on Tacos on Tacos

Is it worth it? Yes. Without a doubt. The peso right now is struggling mightily since the election. Currently $1 is worth 20 peso. On this same day in 2015 it was 1:16. Here’s a brief list of some of the painfully cheap items you can buy
for under a few bucks.

  • Subway ticket anywhere: 5 pesos, (25c)
  • Three street tacos: 75 pesos ($3.75)
  • Various museum entry: 30-65 pesos ($1.50-$3.00)
  • Airport Uber downtown (~10km): 77 pesos ($3.80)

Back to the action. Lucha Libre starts off with four to six contenders stepping into the ring from their walk up music. Fans have their own personal favorites and it becomes obvious who the bad guys are. Sometimes the bad guys win and a stream of boo’s will come roaring down. There will be between 5-7 different matchups of contenders throughout the night and lasts a little under three hours.

cheap peso
22 Beers, various drinks and dinner for three came out to just $63

In the mostly full stands you will see throngs of various masks of the spectators favorites. You’ll see locals enjoying their favorite cerveza and tourists confused as to what on earth they are watching. Want a corona? No problem, there are ushers literally in every aisle. So much so that the cotton candy lady will be in your line of sight constantly.

What do you get in three hours of wrestling? Let’s see.. a four woman cat fight, terribly poor acting jobs to punches thrown, a thousand slaps to the face, two little people jumping off the top rope (see below), and one amazing experience you quite literally cannot forget.

Mexico City

the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

This was quite clearly the most unique part of our time in one of the largest cities in the world. But outside of that, here are a few tips to getting around. Uber as much as possible outside of rush hour. Visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan (yes, take an Uber!). If you’re a ritzy type you should stay in Polanco. Hipster type stay in Condesa. Backpacker type stay in Centro.

Sports enthusiasts out there you can also visit Estadio Azteca, normally home to Club America and Mexico National team. More recently however the home to a Raiders/Texans game.

What else can I say about Lucha Libre? Well, let’s just say I’ve watched robots with Japanese women shooting machine guns at each other and this was notably more memorable.

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