Hong Kong. Home to thousands of expats from all over the World. Your first impression coming off the metro will be wondering if you accidentally got off at the wrong stop in New York City. Truth be told there are a ton of similarities. Skyscrapers, beautiful views, on an island.. add some smog and dumplings.

hong kong jockey club viewAs an American or English speaker you will not feel out of place in Hong Kong. Nearly 50% of residents speak the language. Take the metro as it can get you just about anywhere, including the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which we visited just last month on one of their famous Happy Wednesday’s.

Take a short walk to Happy Valley after hopping off the Wan Chai train station. You can see the stadium lights through the dense smog. From the outside there are multiple entrances; most of which you are not granted access. The main public entrance is “G”. Coming from the train you’ll want to head right outside of the tunnel.

Gate “G” is the entrance for the blue collar attendees and leads you to the beer garden. This is a gathering for the college kids, tourists and small time bettors alike. The beer garden aptly has a large selection of beer vendors with three choices at each all serving pints or pitchers for $6-7 or $16-20 USD respectively.

The views are intimidating yet spectacular as a newcomer. In the America’s we race in the daytime. The Jockey Club races mostly take place at night and youhong kong jockey club luxury boxes can see why. Hong Kong being the metropolis it is you would not expect an enormous racetrack planted within high-rises. No matter where you’re watching the race from your backdrop is a gorgeous evening skyline.

Turn away from the track and look way up and you’ll see the private suites for the Black Card Members and most fortunate residents of Hong Kong. Overlooking the entire track are 6+ levels of boxes and luxury (more than Lambeau and the Meadowlands combined). From the grandstand style seating to the Silver Lining Club you can buy a ticket between $10HKD to $10,000HKD. The most exclusive suites are not available to the public. Reserved boxes are designated for top tier executives or the owners of the horses.

The Beer Garden

Our ticket was for the beer garden at $10HKD ($1.29USD). While the suites and luxury boxes are certainly worth the price if you can get in, the beer garden is where the action is.

hong kong wednesdays @ the jockey club

They make it very easy for you to place a bet on your favorite horse. Bets start at just $10HKD and there are betting counters every 50 yards down the track. I met a few Canadians on a holiday and decided to make our own in house wagers. We bet evens vs. odds and the loser would have to buy the next round of beers. Fortunately for me I got odds and went 4-2 for the remaining races.

What’s unique about the Jockey Club? Races run counter clockwise! Most noteworthy, the wagering is the same style and you’ll still lose just as much money.

If you find yourself in Hong Kong, we definitely recommend making a stop at the Jockey Club. You must go on a Wednesday! Because of the lively atmosphere, fifteen races and many beer varieties at the garden there’s no way you leave disappointed (wallets aside).

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