The NFL season is almost here! Now that we’ve got the basics of how to use science to your benefit in the golf world.. let’s move on to a more challenging ventures. The NFL Draft Kings leagues are just as easy to get yourself a team featuring science but leaves a little bit up to you, the player!

Unlike golf, the NFL has positions to choose from. You are required to pick 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 TE a Defense and most importantly, a FLEX. What is a flex? It is any player that is not a QB or Defense.

So we pick an additional RB, WR or TE. Feel free to download the solver NFL template if you already know where I’m going with this.

Picking up where we left off with the PGA TOUR. You’ll need to add position criteria in columns G to L with the below listed formula matching each column. This will help meet our parameters.

Each position will require a formula.
Set your parameters
Set your parameters

One caveat to the solver method with the NFL is that there are so many players it can be a bit overwhelming. I try to delete any players that have 0 FPG or just are simply not suitable for any lineup. The way my template is set up it will take 198 players. This should be more than suitable.

You’ll also need to tell the solver what you’d like to have as your flex. To do so, change the amount of position players on your side panel. Make sure they add up to 9. You can rinse/repeat to find the most optimal lineup.

Decide what positions you want, including your “flex”

Some tips to keep in mind for the NFL lineups:

  • Early season is not the best season:
    • Remember this is all based on previous performance. If your sample size is low your data will be flawed. If a backup QB got playing time in week 1 that won’t see the field in week 2, drop his FPG down to 0.
  • Flex is important:
    • Run the solver two or three times with a different flex. It may come up with something a little more your style.
  • Variables are not factored:
    • Unlike the PGA TOUR, the NFL has more to take into consideration than the golf course. IE: The opponent, injuries, depth chart and more. You may want to tinker with your own projections of FPG and run the solver based on your best guesstimates.

I’d figure out what works best and play minimally the first few weeks. Once the data gets better you can start playing for a little higher entry fees.

Play well friends!


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