There’s nothing worse than watching SportCenter in the morning and not having any highlights worthwhile. I was reminded of how dreadful those days are just this past Monday. We’ve entered the sports calendar dead zone.

What did I do to cope? Grabbed a cold beer, blared some of my favorite tunes and threw a steak on the grill. Not a SINGLE American sporting event was on that evening. Which begs the question how can this even happen? And more importantly, when? So I can be prepared next time.

Let’s stroll through the top dead zones of sports ghost days.

1. Monday before the MLB All Star-Game. This was my most recent encounter. There’s no real baseball. In the summer, there’s no basketball, football or hockey. It’s a tough day for us sports fans. The MLB Home Run Derby has become tough to watch. Wimbledon concluded just the day prior. My only hope is the golf tournament the day before got rained out for a Monday finish.

2. October 31, 2016. Not commonly a slow day in the sports world but this year on Halloween you’ll get to spend it actually trick-or-treating. Maybe you can dress up as your favorite athlete for the night since none of them will be in uniform themselves. Not a single NHL or college football game to speak of, hardly anything from the NBA or college basketball world comes around on a Monday either. What’s that leave us with? The Vikings vs. the Bears! Let’s hope they both aren’t already 1-6 at that point.

3. January 30th, 2017. Similar to Halloween night we can’t help but wonder how this perfect storm of intermissions can continue to go on! This time period is mostly to blame on the NHL with a side effort from the NFL. The NHL all-star break is the 27th – 30th where no games are played and the NFL is winding down with it being the week before the Super Bowl. The NBA has very little to offer in this span as well. Again on a Monday college basketball is deprived to the bone.

4. BONUS: January 29th, 2017. I almost forgot about the day of the Pro Bowl. Have you heard it’s moving to Orlando? …cool.. You’d think the Pro Bowl ratings would be greater with such little competition but no such luck. Two days in a row of sitting on the couch pondering life. This stretch of two days in a row might be where you actually put that gym membership from your New Year’s resolution to work.

We here at Sports Vacations try to see the positive side. So we can’t leave you on such a glum series of events. What’s the bright side here? Christmas Eve! A day normally reserved rest and relaxation. College sports and NHL are on hiatus. BUT, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year which means the NFL’s games are on Christmas Eve to fill the void!

What can you do to pass the time on a dead day in sports? Plan your next trip using our master calendar!

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