The City by the Bay! Known for its amazing landmarks, differing styles of architecture, and the incredible food and drinks, San Francisco is a popular destination year round for people wanting to experience this unique city. But even more desirable, is the championship Nirvana that Bay Area sports teams have recently experienced. Since 2010, there have been 4 league championships, 6 finals appearances, and a regular occurrence of playoff teams.

So come for the entertaining attractions, but stay for the sports. We are going to take you through a jam-packed weekend full of amazing games and other fun activities. Pray for good weather, and make sure your Uber app is updated!

Trip details:

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Dates: December 1-4, 2016
  • Days: Thursday- Sunday
  • Events: NBA, CFB, NFL
  • Weekend Wild Card (WWC): The Lion King- Broadway Show

Airports available:

  • SFO – $30 Uber (25 minutes without traffic), $10.20 Bart (30 minutes)
  • OAK – $35 Uber (35 minutes without traffic), $8.95 Bart (30 minutes)

Welcome to the Bay Area, where everything is expensive, especially sports tickets. Thursday the Warriors face off against the Houston Rockets at Oracle Arena. Curry, Durant, Draymond, and Klay are going to be worth every dollar, I promise. You’re probably shelling out $100 for average upper bowl seats, and double that for lower bowl. James Harden and Houston are as entertaining as ever and this game will be sure not to disappoint.

carne asadaAfter the game, take Bart back into the city for a night out in the Mission. Get a carne asada burrito at El Farolito and then head over to Blondie’s for live music and the biggest cocktail you’ve ever seen. Seriously, they give you an extra glass with a strainer to refill your original drink. The drinks are potent so make sure you get some Pedialyte to prevent any headaches the next day.

Friday day go explore the city. You can go see the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, or Alcatraz. Ride the cable cars and take in everything the city has to offer. Get a humongous sandwich (Ike’s, The Boy’s Deli, or Miller’s are all top of my list) and then visit Buena Vista Café who claims to have invented the Irish Coffee.

boys deliFriday night will be the Pac-12 Championship hosted in Santa Clara at the 49ers’ new Levi’s stadium. I’m not even going to try and predict who will be playing because there are still a ton of scenarios where any of 5 teams can make it, but it is sure to be a phenomenal game. Enjoy a speedy ride on CalTrain (only $8) and start your tailgate early as they let you drink on the train. Tickets are still relatively cheap ranging from $30-$100 but demand will surely spike when it’s determined which teams are playing. While a slight inconvenience to get to for folks in the city, Levi’s is stunning and everyone should see it (even if it might be built on an Indian burial ground).

Take your pick

Saturday is a down day and it will allow you to enjoy some of the other available entertainment in San Francisco. Go see one of the best Broadway shows ever, the Tony Award winning Lion King. The music and lion kingcostumes are something that people of all ages can enjoy. Tickets start at around $150. Or you know, you can go back and see another Warriors game versus the Phoenix Suns because WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO GET TO SEE TWO MVP’S PLAY TOGETHER AGAIN?!?!

Football Sunday

Sunday is a football day, and the new darlings of the NFL Oakland Raiders are hosting the Buffalo Bills. The Raiders haven’t been good for a while and have finally taken the throne back from the 49ers as the Kings of the Bay Area. Quite the opposite of the 49ers’ Levi’s, the Oakland Coliseum often times feel like a pile of crumbling rock. Tickets start at around $140, and it might be worth it seeing that it might be the Raiders’ last couple games in Oakland.

oakland coliseum - san franciscoThere are always things to do and sports to watch in the San Francisco Bay Area. If at the conclusion of the trip you feel somewhat unsatisfied, come back in May for some Giants and A’s baseball, as well as Sharks’ hockey playoff games. Just make sure you can actually afford the trip!

Create your own action packed weekend. Use our filter/search function in our master calendar and see what you can put together!

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